• Business & Education Committee

    The purpose of the Business and Education Workforce Development Committee (BEWD) is to partner business members with educators to address workforce and education issues for long-term prosperity.

    Scope of Work
    The committee will have various ad hoc or sub-committees that will focus on the following types of activities:

    • Actively engage businesses in workforce development preparation for our youth, including job shadows, site tours, speaking opportunities, internships, etc.
    • Organize and conduct an annual Reverse Job Fair in cooperation with Post Falls School District secondary schools.
    • Initiate and cooperate with neighboring communities, agencies and organizations to address workforce issues on a regional level through involvement with the Kootenai County Workforce Development Task Force. 
    • Explore opportunities to further engage business members with students and educators to provide the motivation for students to continue their education in ways (secondary and post-secondary) that prepare them for future business needs.

    The Chair or leader of the ad hoc and/or sub-committees will ensure communication with other chamber committee chairs to promote and coordinate activities within the membership.

    Board Chair - Sherry Wallis

    "The Business Education Workforce Development Committee (BEWD) had a busy year organizing and executing the Annual Reverse Job Fair, providing $10,000 in scholarships for local students of the Post Falls School District. A special thank you to Anne Hagman for her leadership with this event.  The committee also worked to provide job shadowing, and site tours for graduating seniors, which give them first-hand experience with the opportunities for future employment in our region. The Annual Hard Hats Hammers & Hot Dogs was a success, a big thank you to those who participated in this event.  We look forward to 2017, working with the business community to provide opportunities for our future workforce, and to encourage students to continue their education." 

    - Sherry Wallis, BEWD Chair

    For more information please contact us at info@postfallschamber.com.

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