• Community Business Fair Committee


    To conduct a one evening event allowing chamber members and participating businesses as exhibitor’s to market their products and services to the chamber membership, surrounding businesses and their employee’s, as well as the community, in a trade type event to be held in April of each year. Each exhibitor will pay a booth rental fee to cover the costs of performing the event. All remaining proceeds and/or profits after payment of location fees, decorating, advertising, promotional costs, and food and beverage will benefit the Chamber’s general budget.


    Committee Make Up:

    This committee is formed each January.

    The Chairman of the Board will appoint a chairperson for this committee.


    Scope of Work:

    The committee will meet on an as needed basis as set forth by the chairperson to complete the following tasks.

    • Set a date and site for the event.
    • Prepare a budget and exhibitor cost for the event maintaining a reasonable fee to assure member involvement while assuring a profitable event.
    • Prepare a benefits and marketing brochure for the sale of the exhibitor space.
    • Create an exhibitor agreement.
    • Sell and secure the booth space to the exhibitors.
    • Procure booth decorations consistent with trade show marketing.
    • Procure food vendors for the guests.
    • Create and secure advertising with incentives to invite the business community and the public to attend the event.

    For more information please contact us at info@postfallschamber.com.

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