• Why Monitoring Your Post Falls, ID Business Website’s Performance Secures Success

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    Increasingly, a business’ fortunes depend on its internet presence. Customers and clients will often research a product, service, or company online before committing to a purchase. Furthermore, customers want the fastest, most convenient way to access said product, service, or company – which is invariably through the internet. 

    Your website, as the virtual representation of your company, is the mainstay of your internet presence. You may have social media profiles, business listings, and a Wiki page, but none of them carry as much weight as your site. Your site’s performance – how usable, credible, and accessible it is to customers – will directly influence the success of your company. 

    Here, the Post Falls Area Chamber of Commerce presents a guide that explains why – and how – monitoring your site’s performance will help your business survive and thrive.

    Get to Know Your Customers Better 

    Your website can be a goldmine of information about your customers. The way they use your site – the content they consume, the product they buy, how long they stay, and general engagement levels – can give you critical insight into their wants and needs. You can use this information to improve your business in several areas, from product R&D to customer service. You can build more accurate buyer personas and better anticipate future purchase trends.  

    Maintain Your Search Engine Rankings 

    Your search engine rankings – how high up your site appears in search engine result pages (SERPs) – are determined by several website-related factors – its popularity, usefulness, relevance, on-site optimization, off-site optimization, and more. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constant process that requires frequent tweaks and optimization. Monitoring your site allows you to see how well you’re doing SEO-wise, and make necessary changes. 

    Double-Check and Experiment 

    Your website can be a wonderful testing ground for various business and marketing strategies. For instance, many businesses engage in A/B testing – they build two different landing pages, featuring different content and sometimes products – and then see which page performs better. This 100-year-old approach, according to Harvard Business Review, allows managers to accurately pinpoint what makes people click. 

    Improve Responsiveness and Speed 

    40 percent of visitors will abandon a site if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less, says Bitcatcha. The faster your site loads and performs, the happier your customers will be. Your site speed is also directly tied to the conversion rate – how many visitors buy from you – and also your search rankings. By monitoring your site’s performance, you ensure your site is working quickly (across a range of devices), minimize errors, and make tweaks to improve page loading speeds if necessary. 

    Prevent Data Theft 

    Hackers will often target business websites to steal customer information. They also take over websites, take them down, hold them for ransom, and a range of other malicious behavior. One of the most effective ways to prevent a site from being hacked is to monitor it. You can keep an eye on incoming traffic and make sure it’s legit. If there’s suspicious traffic or activity, then you can take your site down.  

    Use BPM to Keep Customers Happy

    Your website should, ideally, be built around the customer journey. You want to facilitate the journey – having customers reach their objectives as quickly and smoothly as possible. You can use business process management (BPM) to make sure your website processes and workflows are smoothly aligned. 

    BPM allows you to find inefficiencies through a step called process mining, and then work out the kinks. Learn more about process mining to understand how it can help you to design a website that creates a user-friendly experience. Note that you’ll need to constantly monitor the effectiveness of the BPM framework and then act on the information to improve the process and output.    

    Measure Relevant Performance Metrics 

    Some performance metrics matter more than others. Your unique business type, user base, and business goals will determine the exact ones you should measure. For instance, you may want to measure the bounce rate to determine how many people visit only a single page on your site before leaving. Or you could track the conversion rate, which shows how many people move forward with making purchases or submitting their information on your website. These data points offer insight that will help you to improve your web presence and overall business. 

    As you make these changes, save the reports and data for project reviews and annual reports. Your stakeholders may be very interested in how you responded to your monitoring efforts in order to improve business practices. Develop these materials with your team. One of the benefits of using a free online PDF editor for this development is that everyone can add comments as you build the draft, and you have a digital record of all feedback and revisions made. 


    You don’t need to manually monitor your website’s performance. There are free tools out there that do it automatically. You can use methodologies like A/B testing and business process management to further improve your website. The result will be a better-performing website and, ultimately, stronger business. And when you compile reports for your stakeholders regarding your metrics and how you responded to them, collaborate with your team using online editing tools to ensure you have a great final product that truly represents your efforts.


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